NIJ IIIA Black Kevlar Stab Resistant Bulletproof Vest




  • NIJ CERTIFIED and LISTED, complies with NIJ IIIA, latest 0101.06 standard.
  • Designed to be wore concealed or overt.
  • Color: black
  • Protect against: 22 (all), 25, 32acp, 38 special, 380acp, 9, 40, 45, 357sig, 357mag, 10, 44 special, 44mag, +P rounds.
  • 3rd Gen. Kevlar ballistic panle only 3/8″ thick per panel, stab resistant
  • Dual layer polycarbonate trauma plates to absorb the impact force
  • Covers front, back and sides (waist specific)
  • Cross joint waistband design ease access & durability
  • High density EVA back cushion for added comfort
  • Elastic shoulder strap for better reach and fit
  • Front and back waist extensions for stability.
  • Panels are specially shaped for mobility & concealment
  • Removable carrier cover for easy cleaning
  • Additional hidden chest pockets for rifle plates
  • Acceptable by any PD that requires NIJ certification
  • Please note, with the additional coating, this vest provides enhanced protection for stabbing as you can see in the demo video however it’s not lab tested yet by NIJ.


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